2 comments on “Fixation of Motions, Lights, and Space: The discovery of Asperger’s Syndrome.

  1. Beautifully described. Thank You Tracy for sharing your private world. It not only helps me to learn more about you, but also it helps me to learn more of my daughter. My daughter is 33 and was diagnosed about 3 years ago. Since her diagnoses, like you, many questions were answered for her. As a mother,I wish I had known more when she was a child, but I didn’t. I wish I had known and understood more about her father when we were married, if I had maybe we would have stayed married. Of course I cannot live in the past and wish things to be different, I can only look back for a greater understanding of what is taking place today. Because it is today we have a little boy, age 4 who has the same struggle. So this time around in parenting or grandstanding, I am better equipped to train him (as he trains me)
    Again Tracy, thanks for sharing. Lou


    • And thank you, LouLou, for sharing your comment. It makes a better understanding of who we are as individuals and what makes us ticks. 🙂 I hope your family will do much better as you learn more about Asperger’s. 🙂


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