About Me

Who Am I?

Some people call me “Tracy”, “Netivah”, “Snappy”, “Snapstur”, “Seven”, “Ezri”, and “Violet”. So I respond to any of them. 🙂

I am someone who is free from most stereotypes. I was once married for married for sometime. I’m out of the closet since 2014. I like to do many things such as writing, reading, singing, drawing, doing fun projects such as doing computer projects, and taking pictures, and doing videos. I like many science fiction books, and anything related to Star Trek. I have been fascinated by technology as I learned about them and use them.

We have a lovely and friendly Rottweiler mix that we designated her as 7 of 9 after my favorite Star Trek: Voyager character.

I have volunteered in the ministry programs for the mentally challenged people such as The Special Gatherings and Joyful Noise. I have been Deaf and have low-vision since birth. I was born blind, but received the gift of sight. I learn a great deal about over-coming challenges and working around obstacles.

Since I am a fan of science fiction; as you can see. I am also a fan of Star Trek’s Borg, and female casts like 7 of 9 and Ezri Dax.

So, yes, I also have a deep interest in the paranormal and psychic phenomenon.

And I am a lesbian Jew. 🙂

So Shalom and many blessings.

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