2 comments on “Coming in Full Circle.

  1. I must confess, back in my younger days-I was an idiot; I could’ve been one of those who taunted and teased you, and those like you, because I was bullied for being a nerd, skinny, not popular…etc. So, let me take this opprtunity to say: “I’m sorry.” I know we’ve not met personally, but-I’ve come to regard you as one of my dear friends through our social media correspondence.
    I’ve come a long way in my life and, I still have a LONNNNG way to go, but-I’m learning. I’m suffering a bit of karma, now; I used to joke about people with missing teeth, (like you see on episodes of COPS, and the like) and say things like: “You need to be doing somethin’ about those teeth.” In recent years, I have fallen on hard times and I’m missing 3 of my bottom teeth. Yes-I have been subjected to peoples’ hateful comments and ridiculed, joked about, and made fun of, but-I know God is teaching me humility. I, also-know, those same people will have karma knocking on their door one day…
    I’m so glad that we have met, Tracy; you continue to inspire me, and I’m learning valuable lessons through your writings. God works in wondrous ways, just look at you!!!
    All my best,
    Eric G1


    • Yes, you do hear of the saying that goes something like this, “As you sew, you shall reap.” It is the lesson of “cause and effect”, which deals with the consequences that we have to pay for when we cause something that would adversely hinder our growth as unique individuals. I’ve learned similar things myself as I look in other people’s view. Thank you for sharing your comment, Eric. And apologies accepted even if it isn’t directed at me personally. Thanks. 🙂


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