One comment on “Bad, CAPTCHA, Bad!

  1. I share your frustration, Tracy and I have pretty good vision and hearing. I absolutely abhor these ridiculous ‘security’ features. I mean, I love STAR TREK, but they use CAPTCHAs, also. And, why is it neccessary, to begin with. Honestly, do these sites think they have ‘Top Secret’ information that they want to hold back from my eyes?!? I go to these sites, because I’m interested in the peoduct or information THEY want to share, but I feel like I am being put under a lightbulb and being interrogated as an enemy combatant or a criminal. It’s even more distressing to me, now-knowing that my visually/audio impaired friends are being discriminated against. It never occurred to me. Thank you for bringing this to my attention… I have a new campaign, it looks like.
    All my best,


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