2 comments on “The Special Gatherings

  1. God has needs for ALL of us. I have been the recipient of MANY miracles in my life; some very-recently… I know He guides me, and-kicks me in the butt, too. But-I KNOW that He LIVES in my heart.
    Do you live in Florida? I noticed the Volusia County reference and, I was raised in Union County. I lived in Lake Butler most of my young life. Hence the GATOR1 in my name.
    It sounds like a very fulfilling and rewarding calling and I’m glad you have this duty to strengthen your soul. We could all be so lucky…
    Peace be with you,
    Eric G1


    • Hello, Eric! Glad you enjoyed this entry. I try to make this blog site a place with variety of subjects. Yes, I live in Florida for most of my life. I have talked about it in the Tornado blog entry as well. I was born in Ormond Beach, Fl. Lived in Tampa, Fl. till I graduated from high school and currently living in DeLand, Fl. 🙂 Thank you for commenting on this entry. Yes, miracles has been around me as well as YHVH has been with me for a long time.


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